Małe Licho series

Genre: children books, children fantasy, comic fantasy, slavic fantasy, horror

Age: 9+


Małe Licho i tajemnica Niebożątka
(Little Puck and the Mystery of Poorthing)

In an old, mysterious house in the middle of nowhere, behind a tall fence, lives a boy called Godwin, also known as the Poorthing. He’s never alone. Apart from the old trunk with treasures and the coolest mom you could imagine, he has a real guardian angel… and there is a monster living under his bed, who keeps stealing his slippers.

“Little Puck and the mystery of Poorthing” is both amusing and terrifying. It shows you that being different is not as bad as you’d think, as long as you always remain yourself.

(Grupa Wydawnicza Foksal 2018, cover and illustrations by Paulina Wyrt)


Małe Licho i anioł z kamienia
(Little Puck and the Stone Angel)

It seems that the life of Godwin, an extraordinary boy with an extraordinary secret, has once and for all
become quite ordinary. Not for long, though. After a perfect party ends in a mass quarantine, Godwin, Tsadkiel
and Goodie have to spend their holidays at their aunt’s place, in the middle of a forest. They soon discover that
the ostensibly boring place, hidden under a patch of snow, is full of surprises…

(Grupa Wydawnicza Foksal 2019, cover and illustrations by Paulina Wyrt)


Małe Licho i lato z diabłem
(Little Puck and the Devil for Summer)

This title will be released on September 2, 2020.

(Grupa Wydawnicza Foksal 2020, cover and illustrations by Paulina Wyrt)








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