Pierwsze słowo (First Word)

Genre: short stories, fantasy, humorous fantasy of manners, comic fantasy, slavic fantasy, mythologies, crime, horror, history, pop culture

Age: 15+


One night three murderers of tsars find themselves in one prison cell, and each of them is the only righteous one. Wallenrod, Winkelried and Wawrzyniec – anointed perhaps not among the dead carcasses of kings in a church vault, but also in a basement… of a distillery.

Stanisław Kozik unexpectedly finds himself in a changed state of aliveness. Sokółek transforms into a pillar of salt at a certain adorably quirky company. On the day of her mother’s funeral, Oda Kręciszewska notices a bit of a moustache in the mirror, which leads her to make some not very well thought-out, but quite good life decisions. This volume of short stories also features characters already known to the readers, such as a certain writer with the appearance of a rumpled musketeer and his private angel wearing slippers.

Sometimes there’s humour, at times there’s darkness. It’s always atmospheric and very classy. Whether it’s a bawdy house, or the office of the commission awarding the International Certificate of Fantastic Quality, or a tsar’s castle, or perhaps foggy city alleys – Marta Kisiel proves that her imagination (just like her sense of humour) knows no bounds.

(Grupa Wydawnicza Foksal 2018, cover illustration by Tomasz Majewski)








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